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Extramarital Affair, Adultery, Infidelity, Unfaithful, Cheating Spouse....

These terms can cause enormous stress levels to a partner that is suspicious of a spouses activities. Call it what you want, statistics show cheating is more common than most people think. Statistics also so that unfortunately once someone seriously suspects infidelity, more often than not, their suspicion is correct.

If you are ready to take the steps in finding the truth, Vancouver Private Investigator can help you end the anxiety. We have an experienced team of trained professionals that can handle your particular circumstance, privately and at the best reasonable rate.

We realize that having to discuss a possible affair is a difficult thing to do.

With that in mind, you have our every assurance that we are committed to using the utmost discretion and good taste in providing you with the results you deserve to know.

Our experienced Vancouver Private Investigation team use the latest techniques to gather solid evidence, of any activity, in a quick conclusive manner.

One of the most frequently used tools in gathering solid evidence is spousal surveillance. Depending on the circumstances, our team, can also engage in quicker and less expensive techniques often ignored by other agencies.

These may include some of the following investigative methods:

  • Monitoring the cheating spouse computer activity.
  • Computer forensics.
  • Outgoing and Incoming phone activity.
  • Tracking the cheater's vehicle.
  • Asset Searches.
  • Electronic eavesdropping.
  • Lookup and Identification of the “Other Person.”
  • Child custody & support investigations.




Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Usually when a spouse cheats there are plenty of early signs that something is wrong. These may include:

  • Decreased sexual interest in you.
  • Your spouse is unavailable at work.
  • Attending new functions outside of work.
  • Your spouse goes to other rooms for telephone calls.
  • Calls are not returned in a timely fashion.
  • Spouse begins to use new email addresses.
  • Unexplained credit card bills.
  • Unexplained cell phone bills.
  • Unexplained receipts in the wallet or purse of the cheating spouse.
  • Unexplained time away from home.
  • Unexplained bank statement payments.
  • Unexplained car mileage on car.



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